Is It Possible to Build Up Tolerance for Marijuana?


There is a growing population of Americans who use marijuana, according to a Gallup survey that revealed that 49% of adults have tried using it. That’s a huge leap from only 4% of Americans who tried marijuana 50 years ago.

It is because marijuana is now used not only for recreation but also for medical purposes. It provides different benefits such as the treatment of chronic pain and spasms related to certain medical conditions.

But the lingering question is: can you build up tolerance for marijuana over time?

Yes, it is possible and when that time comes, it would be a smart move to go on a tolerance break that will allow your mind and body to go down from the high and reset your tolerance for this substance.

Here’s how to tell that you already need to go on a T-break:

This could result to neglect of your other responsibilities because you become too focused on when you can smoke your marijuana and the high it brings to you. If this happens, it’s time to take a tolerance break.

  • You’re spending way too much money on marijuana. Yes, it’s your money and you have every right to spend it however you want to. But when you’re spending most of your money on buying marijuana products, you could end up getting into debt or not enjoying the other things in life.

By taking a tolerance break, you’re not only giving your pockets some rest, but you’re also allowing yourself to enjoy things beyond using marijuana.

  • You’re relying on marijuana to help you function. Marijuana is used for recreation because it gives you that relaxing effect that allows you to be more creative.

But too much marijuana use can also lead to high tolerance that you become dependent on it to function. If you notice that you can’t think straight or make the right decisions when you’re not using marijuana, go on a tolerance break right away to set things straight.

  • You’re spending all your time smoking. Although marijuana can help you feel good about yourself, it shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all of your life.

Instead of staying at home and smoking weed all the time, try to spend some of your free time outside. Get some fresh air, have some fun activity, and socialize with other people.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating that balance between enjoying marijuana use and watching over your body’s tolerance to it.

If you feel that marijuana is slowly taking over your life, don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right. Allow yourself to get back on track and deal with high marijuana tolerance.

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