Best 5 bongs for smoking cannabis in 2023


The utilisation of cannabis or weed has been going on rapidly state. The main reason for the increase in the popularity of cannabis is its legalisation. This development resulted in the advancement of smoking, consumption and culture. The best way to consume cannabis is through bongs. Various designs are available for bongs so people can get a different experience. So let’s see the best 5 bongs for smoking cannabis in 2023.

How does it work?

Bongs are available in different sizes and shapes. Some look quite basic, which consist of a chamber and bowl. At the same time, the others are present in different colours. Moreover, all of them perform the same function and consist of the same things, including the filter and smoke which comes out after burning the marijuana. The bong’s basic structure comprises a small bowl holding dried weeds. The weed is converted to smoke by combustion.

Meanwhile, once you start inhaling, the liquid at the bottom bubbles, and the smoke comes out from the water and goes into the chamber. After that, it enters the mouth and then the lungs.

Best bongs to try in 2023!

Here are the best bongs which you can give a try:

Boo Glass 11” Freezable Beaker Bong

The Boo Glass bong is among the most popular bong every smoker wants to try at least once. Its size is only 11”, which makes it comfortable to use. Apart from this, the coil inside could be easily frozen, giving a cool and smooth hit. So, it won’t leave your mouth or throat sore. This product has won the hearts of many customers thanks to its simplicity, usefulness, and lovely design. Boo Glass takes great satisfaction in offering premium goods that give herb enthusiasts the greatest experience possible.

Boo Glass 8 Inch Bong with Matrix Barrel Perc

These 8” bongs come with a barrel percolator. It comprises bent neck glass, shower head and barrel perc. It has various slits, which provide proper filtration and airflow. The bong is safe and easy to use, and the company which makes the bong keeps a person’s personal information private throughout their experience. They also provide free shipping services.

Boo Glass Specialty Series 19″ Glycerin Coil Bong

This bong has multiple features, making it a unique option. The bong is good for smokers who wish to enjoy the herb in their comfort and style. The bong has an extra base which provides stability, a wide mouthpiece and a bent neck which provides comfort during smoking.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to try any bongs, look for their legality in your state and choose the bong per your preferences.