Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Marijuana Use in Colorado


Just if he has a government-issued Colorado ID. Non-residents may purchase as much as 1/4 an ounce of cannabis per deal, whereas they might possess one complete ounce at once. Essentially, your pal could make 4 different acquisitions in eventually, but that’s a gray issue where the repercussions, or absence thereof, just aren’t specific thus far.

Exists a legal limit for how much weed I can have in my system and also still drive?

The legal limit is 5 nanograms or much less of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the active component in marijuana) per milliliter in whole blood. This isn’t a great measurement due to the fact that various strains of cannabis carry various strengths of THC; also, individuals metabolize the drug at much more varied rates than alcohol. Because of this, you’ll likely never see a graph that informs you the number of joints or brownies are too many to get behind the wheel.

Exactly how is the quantity of marijuana in my body evaluated?

If they have an understandable factor, law enforcement officials questionable of drugged driving will ask for a blood draw. As this Westword write-up mentions, nonetheless, these blood examinations have not yet been fine-tuned and they can be rather unreliable. In this case, the reporter’s blood examination showed that he was heavily stoned hrs after he had last smoked anything. Various other specialists believe people build up a tolerance to the medication as well as they may still be sober at 5 nanograms. I advise you to extremely take into consideration refusing the blood examination if the circumstance occurs. If you do take the test, ensure you protect one of the blood samples to declare the results independently later.

You indicate I will not have to pee in a cup?

An urine test has no worth when it comes to cannabis due to the fact that traces of the medication may show up in your system long after you’re sober. A blood examination is the only exact sign of active THC currently.

How much time do the authorities have to conduct the blood test?

With alcohol, they must show an individual’s BAC (blood alcohol material) is 0.08 percent or even more within 2 hrs of driving. They haven’t provided a specified time period for medication screening yet but, rest assured, it will certainly be something “practical.”.

Will I shed my permit if I decline the blood test?

Potentially. Similar to DUIs, you might shed your permit for a year if you refuse the blood examination. Unlike intoxicated driving though, there won’t be any type of management fines on your document; this is important due to the fact that marijuana intake continues to be banned at the government degree. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that you can constantly nicely decrease to do the standardized field soberness tests (walking in a straight line, stating the alphabet backwards, and so on) scot-free.

Why should I reject to take a standard area sobriety examination?

In short, there are unique examinations developed for analyzing drug intoxication as well as not every police officer is trained in those rather yet. Police officials ignorant in cannabis recognition absolutely will not assist your case as they don’t have the resources to make a precise judgment of your sobriety.

Wait, so will I be arrested if I have any kind of traces of cannabis in my body?
No, the simple presence of marijuana in your blood is not an adequate reason to jail you. Additionally, having 5 nanograms or even more of cannabis in your system is not nearly enough to immediately convict you of a DUID either; if you had a BAC of 0.08 percent or even more, on the other hand, you would immediately be charged with driving while intoxicated.